Solange Knowles Did Not Bleach Her Baby

It’s tough being the mom of a celebrity, especially when the press is saying bad and untrue things about your daughters. Beyonce Knowles mother Tina Knowles, is upset with the gossip mongers who spread a malicious story about her not so famous Knowles daughter, Solange.

Tina insisted the investigation be kept under wraps because she didn’t want to fuel the speculation that upset new mum Solange, who gave birth to baby son Daniel last year (04).

She recalls, “It was on the internet that my grandchild had a clubfoot and my daughter Solange put him in a bariatric chamber to bleach him. I was furious because my child was crying.”

Tina reveals she challenged editors at the Houston Chronicle when she heard the rumour stemmed from the newspaper’s reporters – but they insist it has nothing to do with them.

Tina, don’t worry. We don’t believe a word of it. Although, if the story had been about Michael Jackson and his children, that might be believable.

Knowles’ Mother Hunts Down Callous Gossips [contactmusic]