Sofia Vergara’s Stuff

Born in Barranquilla in 1972, Vergara is one the city’s two most famous exports (the other is pop singer Shakira). Since moving to Miami in 1995, Vergara has graced more than 150 magazine covers and hosted variety shows viewed throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Most recently she has also become a rare Hispanic “cross-over” success, appearing in numerous English-language films and a new sitcom.

When the staff at La Comercializadora heard about Vergara’s plans, they quickly put together a proposal showing that she could use designers and garment manufacturers in Barranquilla to produce a world-class collection of clothing at competitive prices. Moreover, the arrangement would provide much-needed jobs for local working-class families.

The combination appealed to Vergara, who is known for her commitment to social causes. In 2002 La Comercializadora signed a four-year contract to design, manufacture and distribute a line of casual and boutique clothing under the “Vergara by Sofía” brand name.

It’s good to know there is some substance behind that body.

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