Sofia Coppola’s ‘Somewhere’ Getting Great Reviews Early On

Sofia Coppola is a genius. Just my opinion. She is responsible for quirky films like Lost In Translation, Marie Antoinette, and The Virgin Suicides. Her new film Somewhere is looking so fantastic and apparently its already getting rave reviews from the Venice Film Festival.

Variety’s review was as follows,”Sofia
Coppola’s “Somewhere” is a quiet heartbreaker. Trading “Lost in
Translation’s” Tokyo hotel for Beverly Hills’ Chateau Marmont, the
ever-perceptive writer-director further hones her gifts for ruefully
funny observation and understated melancholy with this low-key portrait
of a burned-out screen actor. Steeped in morning-after regret and
centered around a strong performance by Stephen Dorff the result is sure to frustrate those who require their plots thick and their emotions underlined.”

It also stars Dakota Fanning’s little sister Elle, who looks equally adorable and talented. Pictured here, Director Sofia Coppola, actress Elle Fanning
and actor Stephen Dorff attend the ‘Somewhere’ premiere during the 67th
Venice Film Festival at the Sala Grande Palazzo Del Cinema on September
3rd in Venice, Italy.
Sofia Coppola is married to the lead singer of Phoenix Thomas Mars after a divorce to Spike Jonze and recently gave birth to a baby girl.

It seems there is no end to her creative talents. I can’t get enough. Somewhere looks to be another one of my possible favorites.