Sofia Coppola Avoids Her Ex


Director and ex-wife of Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola, recently had her local L.A. haunt crashed by her ex and his new girl, Drew Barrymore. Coppola can often be found hanging out at the Sunset Tower Hotel, while she’s chilling on the West Coast, but she would have been less than pleased this past Friday to the scene that played out between the two lovers. Page Six sez:

According to a spy, “Spike came in with his new girlfriend, Drew Barrymore. She looked so pretty and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and made out in a corner booth. Sofia would have been p – – – ed if she was there.”

Girl, that’s why a pre-nup needs to include a list of y’all’s hangouts. Even when I broke up with my ex-boy, I knew well enough to gain control of our sushi place and my favorite library, while he got to have the laundromat and pizza joint. We do split custody of Amoeba Records on Sunset, but that just goes without saying.