Sofia Vergara’s Fiance Thrown Out of Club After Couple Have Fight, Her Breasts Are Accidentally Exposed During Fracas [PHOTOS]

Sofia Vergara
The star shot the commercial back in August.
Sofia Vergara was caught up in a New Year’s Eve nightclub row which resulted in her fiancé being thrown out.

The Modern Family actress’ businessman lover Nick Loeb was kicked out of exclusive Miami hotspot Story after a heated argument broke out in the VIP area when Sofia posed for a photograph with a fan.

Nick got into a row with a nearby table and after a scuffle broke out security guards grabbed him and threw him out of the back door of the club with Sofia following him out.

In the fracas, the 40-year-old Columbian actress’ breasts were exposed leaving her embarrassed in front of other revellers and her 20-year-old son who was also present. 

An eyewitness told the New York Post newspaper: In the early hours, Nick got into a dispute with somebody at a neighbouring table. Some pushing and shoving started. Sofia stepped in to try to calm the situation, but somehow she ended up getting pushed and shoved also. Her strapless dress was torn or pulled down in the melee, exposing her cleavage in front of other people and her son Manolo who was so offended he left the club. It was crazy.

The source added: “Nick was pulled away from Sofia and those at the next table by security guards, who dragged him out of the VIP section and threw him out of the club. Sofia followed him.”

The couple, seen here looking happy in South Beach on December 30, 2012, has had a tumultuous relationship. They had split up prior to becoming engaged, as well as having a number of blow out fights over the years.

Here’s to hoping that they’ll be able to stick it out.