Sofia Vergara’s Ex, Nick Loeb Apparently Likes Sex [PHOTOS]

Sofia Vergara and boyfriend Nick Loeb split last month after two years of dating, but in recent weeks have been seen out together, holding hands and acting all giddy.  Well, here’s something to burst that love bubble:  The National Enquirer (via Radar Online) is happy to rain on their reconciliation parade, claiming that the businessman and aspiring politician engages is crazy sexy orgies soaked in booze and drugs.

Two prostitutes shared their story with the Enquirer, noting that Vergara is completely in the dark about his escapades.  “[Nick] just can’t get enough. He’ll party with anyone from two to five girls, usually in luxury hotel penthouses, with porn playing on all the TVs, lines of cocaine laid out and liquor flowing like water,” Bianca, one of the ladies, told the tabloid.

“He takes large doses of Viagra and provides sex toys, lingerie and drugs, including Ecstacy. He doesn’t use it but he likes the girls to take it because he believes it makes them enjoy sex more. His favourite thing is to watch two women make love while he has sex with another girl.” 

Cindy, the other hooker told the Enquirer that “Sofia would call in the middle of an orgy.  Nick would grab his cell phone and bolt. When he got back, I asked, ‘Does Sofia know what you’re doing?’ He said, ‘No way! She’d kill me.'”

Loeb released the following statement to the New York Post in response to the claims: “I am mortified that false illicit behavior has been attributed to me. It’s hurtful and unfair. My first priority is to protect the people I love, and I hope they are not impacted by these lies and irresponsible reports.”