Sofia Vergara Talks Fashion, Wardrobe Malfunction And Life With Katie Couric

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Behind the beauty, there’s a woman with a great spirit, a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Sofia Vergara, Colombian actress and comedian most widely known for her role as Gloria on Modern Family, got up close and personal yesterday on Katie, Katie Couric’s new talk show on ABC.

Couric got personal with the star and the two conversed about a range of topics. Vergara, being open and candid with the interview proved that she has nothing to hide, especially with her recent wardrobe malfunction.

Though it seems as if Vergara would look good in anything she threw on. (Even at an award show like the Emmy Awards, she still takes the time to make sure that what she wears is nothing short of perfect.)

I mean where else am I going to wear a dress like that but to an event like that? So I take advantage of that and want to go with the best that I can, the more flashy, the more you know — I’m not going to go with a black dress.

And, girlfriend, you shouldn’t! Apparently Vergara had a little accident in the rump area, but thank goodness for the sewing goddesses that came to her rescue. Anyway, she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from her coveted opportunities to go up on stage with her cast. But I mean, even with a malfunction, what exactly is there to be ashamed of?

This booty shaking woman sure isn’t ashamed of anything. Proud of her body, and proud of her dance moves. While celebrating the Emmys at the HBO after party, Sofia got down and dirty on the dance floor. By all means, she has everything to celebrate for — her fight against thyroid cancer, looking great at age 40, and recently being named top earning female celebrity by Forbes Magazine.

You go, Glen Coco! We’re loving every minute of it. Launch the gallery and check out Sofia looking charming as ever on her way to appear on Katie!