Sofia Vergara Keeps Her Bikini Body In Shape [PHOTOS]

Sofia Vergara is obsessed with her body just like the rest of us are. The 37-year-old Emmy-nominated Modern Family star says she is “addicted to sugar,” but sucks on lollipops to curb her craving for much worse. “My problem is desserts. I am obsessed with desserts,” she told Shape magazine.

“I am sure it’s not good,” she said of those darn lollipops, “but it’s better than ordering tiramisu, which is what I really want to do. I am not very obsessed with dieting and working out, but I always do it,” she said. “I try to do everything in moderation. With age, I realize I have to do it more and more, unfortunately.”

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Luckily for Vergara, her character is a little more curvy so she doesn’t have to strive to be super skinny. “People expect… a woman to be a little more voluptuous. So they don’t expect you to be really thin. So it’s easier for me. I don’t really have to keep myself. Because I have to fill all those outfits, you know. They want to see Gloria like a voluptuous woman.”

Sofia uses lollipops to curb her cravings. Let us know in the comments how you handle them.