Sofia Vergara Is Incorporating Her Clothing Line Into Modern Family [PHOTOS]

September 28th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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After a very successful Emmy weekend,  Sofia Vergara is hitting the ground running, by immediately promoting herself in and out of the setting of Modern Family.

The actress recently launched a clothing and home line in partnership with K-Mart and is using her character on Modern Family Gloria’s recent storyline to promote it. In the September 26th season premiere, Gloria struggles to keep her new baby bump out of sight, and does so in some pieces from Vergara’s collection. And that is only the beginning. Viewers will start to see a lot of Sofia in the upcoming season, at least in terms of accessories, bedding and clothing.

The actress visited a K-Mart in NYC to preview her line and spoke about the correlation between her character and the clothes she wears. “Most of the ideas for Gloria’s style are mine,” she explained. ”I kind of created the way Gloria dressed. Everybody loved it, when we started the show everybody was like ‘oh my god Gloria dresses fantastic!’ and so I started to bring to the collection the same ideas that I was bringing to Gloria’s wardrobe.”

Continuing with the story arch of Gloria’s pregnancy, Vergara will continue to add in her own style to the character. “The bigger the belly gets, most of these blouses I’ve been using for her, they stretch,” the actress explained.

It looks like this season of Modern Family will be getting a whole lot more sassy and Colombian!

Launch the gallery to see how Sofia Vergara looks, minus her onscreen pregnancy.

By Marcelle Luna

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