Sofia Vergara, Her Boobs & Jason Statham Looking Hot On The New Orleans Set ‘Heat’ [PHOTOS]

Hot Sofia Veraga
65 of Sofia Vergara's hottest photos.
It’s not just the name of their movie making things hot down in New Orleans!

Sofia Vergara and Jason Statham were both looking smoking on the set of their latest flick. Heat follows the story of a recovering gambling addict, who finds a new job protecting his friends. We’re assuming Jason is that recovering addict. So, what does Sofia do?

Well, what does she do in the movie besides wear fitted shirts that show off just how giant her boob area is. The Modern Family star went blonde for the role and lady is working it! This is going to be the first semi-serious movie we’ve seen Sofia in. How do we all feel about that? 

Personally, I’m a tad bit skeptical, but definitely willing. I’m assuming she’s going to be just as charming in a serious movie as a comedic one, but it will still be interesting!

What do you think of Sofia and Jason’s on set hot factor? Check out all the photos of the duo in the gallery and leave us your thoughts in the comments! Are you loving the blonde, the boobs and the serious? We want to know all!