Sofia Vergara & Her Baby Bump Get Patriotic On The Set Of ‘Modern Family’ [PHOTOS]

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That is one seriously big baby bump you’ve go there, Sofia Vergara.

Too bad it’s fake and we won’t be getting any Sofia babies like I’ve been hoping for. The television beauty was spotted on the set of her hit show Modern Family showing off her more patriotic side. Apparently, Sofia’s character takes to the pitcher’s mound to sing the National Anthem before a kids baseball game.

We can only imagine what kind of hilarity will ensue as she starts to sing. Sofia’s character Gloria isn’t know for her mastery of the English language. Also, the way her mouth has opened up while she’s singing is amazing. So what’s going on with Sofia and her fiance?

The two are still together and going strong! Maybe it’s cause he saw this photo she tweeted of herself and realized he had to have her forever. Is it just me or are you guys a little sad we didn’t get to Sofia’s Halloween costume? Although, Ellen DeGeneres’ costume kind of made up for it.

Launch the gallery to check out all the funny pictures of Sofia’s moment of patriotism. I can’t wait to see how exactly this fits into the episodes!