Sofia Vergara Fights With Boyfriend Outside Miami Hotel [PHOTOS]

Seems like Sofia Vergara and boyfriend Nick Loeb forgot how to act in front of photographers while leaving a Miami, Florida  hotel yesterday, November17th.  The couple were fighting on their way to a press conference where Nick was going to announce his decision not to run for Florida Senate.  The Modern Family actress & fashion designer jumped out of the car and ran into a nearby hotel only to have Loeb run after her.  When the pair realized there was photographers around, they pretended everything was peachy.  Ooooh!  How telenovela!

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What were Sofia and Nick bickering about?  Apparently over a cell phone, evidenced by Nick mimicking texting motions in some of photos in the gallery.  This is my take on the whole sitch: Nick got angry with Sofia for constantly texting and not paying attention to him while he practiced his press speech in the car.  Nick then snatched the phone out of her hands, in which Sofia cursed at him in Spanish and ran out of the car at a red light and into a hotel sobbing uncontrollably.  Nick chased her into the bathroom and forced her to come back to the car.  Well, that’s the story that I made up in my head, anyway.

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There was a lot of speculation regarding Nick’s run for office and media outlets like Fox News Latino were convinced that he was going to announced his intent to run.  Not so.  Welp, at least he can concentrate on his relationship with Ms. Vergara instead of a long campaign.  Try not to fight with Sofia in front of cameras again, sir.  Or else we’ll get a hold of the pictures and make up fun stories about what we think you’re arguing about and write about it!