Sofia Vergara and David Beckham’s Diet Pepsi Commercial Premieres!

The anticipated Diet Pepsi commercial starring Sofia Vergara and David Beckham premiered last night during Chuck on NBC, and it’s as technologically relevant as it is entertaining.

Entitled “Beach Tweet,” the DP commercial finds Vergara sweltering (but not sweating, as she is a lady) in the hot California sun when she spots a young girl enjoying a Diet Pepsi (we start them young).  Craving a DP herself, but unwilling to stand in a long line at the concession stand, Vergara tweets that she’s at the Santa Monica pier and just spotted David Beckham.  The idiots in line run to the pier thinking they’re going to meet Becks, which allows Vergara to saunter over for her ice cold Diet Pepsi.  “One Diet Pepsi, please,” she purred to the attendant.

While enjoying the cold refreshment back in her lounge chair, a soccer ball rolls up followed by David Beckham who asks,”What’s going on over there?”

Produce by McG, the commercial shoot took place on Venice Beach.  It was especially meaningful for Vergara, who starred in a Pepsi commercial when she was just seventeen.

Check out the commercial and a behind-the-scenes look after the jump.