Reporting from the Field: Christian Cota Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Last night I braved the horrendous New York Fashion Blizzard 2010 to attend the Christian Cota F/W2010 show and it was awesome!  I forgot an umbrella, so I scurried over to the show holding a notebook over my bangs (gotta save the bangs – gotta look cool. Am I right?!).

Cota’s collection was beautiful, with a mix of metallics, vivid color prints, and rich, warm charcoals.  The designer was inspired by Cubism, and executed his inspiration in subtle but effective geometric shapes and angled layers.

The young designer displayed well-executed party dresses with meticulous draping and tailoring, in brilliant copper tones and bright colors with blue and purple highlights.  His one evening dress was a clingy, cinched steel metallic dress, and he showcased some more casual leggings of the same material.  Print dresses with fun pleats and mock turtlenecks could be dressed up or down, and looked perfectly casual-chic with the black booties the models wore.  

For details, multi-colored nails in cool turquoise tones complemented the clothes, and Cota dressed his models in identical Anna Wintour-esque bobs dyed with subtle pink or ultra-hip intentionally-gray hair. (Everyone <3’s Anna).  

We spotted a couple celebrities – Lisa Love from Teen Vogue/The Hills looked super cool in a leather jacket and sunglasses.  We chatted with Melissa George for a few minutes, until she decided she was too cool for us and walked away.  News flash Melissa George: we didn’t even know who you were until we asked, and no one else wanted to talk to you after you left us! Helloooo you’re not that fabulous.  

But back to the real reason we were there: overall it was a great show! I thought the collection was fantastic – I’m totally coveting the copper-flecked army jacket and the graphic party dresses.  Cota is definitely a designer to look out for.