Socialite Life BS Awards 2009: No. 5 – Nadya Suleman

This was a disaster from the very beginning. From the moment this Angelina Jolie-wannabe stepped onto the scene, with her Zeppelin-shaped belly full of babies, Nadya Suleman never once made any attempt to conceal her crazy.

Going against any vestige of common sense and all medical advice, the woman more commonly known as “Octomom” jeopardized her health and and that of her unborn babies when she decided to carry eight babies to term. On the day her children were born, Suleman became a single, out-of-work mother of fourteen. Lucky for her, she had her parents to support her addiction to childbirth.

Then the interviews, book and porno deals and reality television show offers started pouring in and just in the knick of time since the only thing Nadya seems to like more than making babies is going on shopping sprees.

After all the hubbub she caused this year, Nadya finally did admit to having regrets about the situation into which she brought her octuplet babies into the world. She recently confessed in a video diary, “I screwed myself. I screwed up my life, I screwed up my kids’ lives. I have to put on this strong facade and I have to pretend
like I don’t regret it.”

Ah, so is that what the plastic surgery Joker smile is all about?

Gallery Info: Nadya Suleman wins the Number 5 spot on Socialite Life’s 2009 BS Awards.