Socialite Life BS Awards 2009: No. 10 – The Heene Family

What’s that up in the sky? A failed attempt to snag a reality show.
Bitch Slap for society in this case because we’ve made getting a
reality show a status symbol, and an actual consideration for advancing
one’s situation in life. Gawd.

Anyway, in October this dopey Colorado
couple Richard and Mayumi Heene had the brilliant idea of making the
local authorities think that their kid was stuck in the basket of a
giant weather balloon and then possibly dropped out of it to splat.
When in actuality, little Falcon Heene was told to hide in the attic
and act like he had done all of this on purpose. Then the kid puked on
air and told America that Mommy and Daddy had told him to pull this

Legal action is currently being considered against the Heenes,
who were trying to pitch some kind of nutty professor reality show, got
rejected, and thought this would make a good impression on network
sharks. In actuality, it makes me want to pass Kleenex out so we can
all weep for the current state of things.

But the treacherous weather
balloon holding reality celebrities precariously above the earth isn’t
such a bad idea. Can we fit all of those fat-assed Kardashians in there
at one time?

Gallery Info: The Heene Family wins the Number 10 spot on Socialite Life’s 2009 BS Awards.

Guest post by Cherita Whitechild