Socialite Tip: Don’t You Tell A Guinness How To Take A Bathe

We love this story. Daphne Guinness, heiress of the Guinness family – yes, the makers of the world-famous beer, is apparently serious when it comes to her baths.

It seems that the questionable fashion icon and journalist is being sued because she has turned on the tub and forgot about it, flooding her downstairs neighbor’s $12 million apartment on more than one occasion. Guinness lives on Fifth Avenue across from the Met in a $15 million apartment and apparently has flooded the apartment below four times since 2008.

According to the suit filed by the Samiis, they are asking for an excess of $1 million for repairs and ‘mental anguish.’

The Samiis want “in excess of $1 million” for repairs and “mental anguish.”

It seems that the first incident occurred after Guinness had just taken a bath, whereas earlier this year, the super investigated another leak when he found Guiness “in the kitchen talking on the phone” while the tub overflowed. Amazing. Perhaps she was schwasted on the family brew?

What’s funny is that I myself have played Guinness this year, flooding the apartment below me. And it just goes to show you that even though you live in a $15 million apartment, if you’re plumbing is for shit…then you are nothing in life. Let that be a life lesson to us all. And to never life below anyone.