SOCIALITE LIFE’s Top Moments From ‘American Pie’ [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

The release of American Reunion brings up wonderful memories from days of yore.  It really sends me back in time, to a place where  American Pie premiered, in the era of capri pants, Steve Madden platforms and cardigans (thanks, in part, to Vicki).  With Reunion premiering April 6th, SOCIALITE LIFE thought it appropriate to relive the original’s best moments.

Oz trying to seduce his college date in her Jeep Cherokee: “there’s something about the Spring time that’s just cool, you know?  Like the smell of fresh rain or something….”

It just sounds better when Stifler says it: “S*CK ME, BEAUTIFUL!” 

Bless Jim’s poor mother, who caught him, um, releasing some tension in his bedroom: “No! I think he’s trying to watch some illegal channels here!”

“Laid” by James-It just isn’t American Pie without this song.

When Sherman wet himself at prom.  Scratchy-voice girl: 1 Sherman: 0

When Nadia randomly stripped down in Jim’s room.  I thought they were studying?  

Finch: “That [the keg] is what the cretans drink. I’m talking about alcohol, liquor.  The good stuff.”  Oooh, Stifler’s mom.

“And this one time, at band camp…”

“Here’s the deal.  We all get laid before we graduate.  Separately, we are flawed and vulnerable.  Together we are the masters of our sexual destiny.  This is our day.  This is our time.  And by God, we will not stand by and let history condemn us into celibacy.  WE WILL GET LAID!” – Kevin

“Enough of this blow job bullsh*t.  I gotta get laid, already.”- Good one, Kevin

Watch a trailer for American Reunion after the jump, and be sure to head to the nearest theater on April 6th!