Socialite Life’s ‘Real Housewives’ Sightings At Villa Blanca Restaurant

Last night I took a few country bumpkins to Villa Blanca, owned by The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken.  I assumed LVP would be present since she’s known to frequent the establishment.  What I wasn’t prepared for was a Ramona Singer sighting.  There she was, a petite wide-eyed blond standing at the hostess station.  I told my sisters and aunt that Renewal Ramona was in our presence and they darted over (the reality star was in town to attend the Newport Wine Festival).

My youngest sister poked Singer on the shoulder (me = mortified.  Poking a celeb on the shoulder?) and introduced herself.  Ramona, while glued to her blackberry, was a very gracious Bravolebrity and told baby sister that she loves her fans.  Ramones was all business and said that she was BBM’ing with Kyle (Richards) because they were meeting for dinner at 8. Huzzah!  By the by, Ramona was very beautiful in person, with a very fit body (those pictures from yesteryear featured on the show don’t lie).

Sure enough, Kyle and husband Mauricio Umansky pull up to the curb 10 minutes later in a Porsche.  Umansky looked delicious in a white oxford and a sweater tied around his neck.  Richards looked positively stunning in a one-shoulder black jumper, chain jewels and a ponytail (let’s not forget the classic Chanel bag).  Before my guests’ heads exploded with reality star overload, Vanderpump, Ken and Giggy rolled up.  While LVP dined with Singer and Richards, Ken and Giggy sat with another party (Giggy got his own seat, naturally).

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Later, Ramona tweeted of the dinner with her west coast counterparts, “Had such a nice evening with @KyleRichards18 and @LisaVanderpump So glad we got to meet up! xo.”  Kyle snapped a pick of herself with LVP and Singer, tweeting “At villa blanca with @ramonasinger and @LisaVanderpump drinking Ramona pinot.”

PS-Kim Richards’ blind date, Martin Genis was there as well.  My aunt mistook him for Ken, but don’t worry.  I reprimanded her, then made her walk home.