Socialite Life’s New Favorite Human: 4-Year Old Town Mayor, Robert ‘Bobby’ Tufts

Honestly, I am obsessed with this little boy.

Meet the mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, 4-year old Robert ‘Bobby’ Tufts. Yup, you read all of that right. He’s only 4 and is currently a mayoral prodigy. It’s basically the most amazing thing in the world.

Sure Dorset is a super tiny town with only about 26 people–and their previous mayors have included cats and chickens–but Bobby took it all pretty seriously. I mean, have you heard this kid talk? He knows what’s up. Check out a video after the jump to get a full look at all the adorable. 

According to reports, Bobby was quite the campaigner. He made buttons and visited all of the local business in town. I mean, sure it’s not hard when there are only 14ish, but still!

Let me tell you what I love about this, other than Bobby’s ridiculously amazing knowledge about everything fishing related. This kid actually cares. You don’t get that much with politics. Sure he probably has very little idea what he’s actually doing, but he is excited and looks incredibly driven.

Check out the video below and tell us if you’d vote for Bobby as your mayor. I know I would!

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