Socialite Life’s Favorite ‘Glee’ Moments Of [2012]

Over the past year, Glee fans everywhere have had to suffer the wrath of the writers. You would expect a show with such a glee-ful name to be full of happiness, but that really isn’t the case. Instead, fans have had their hearts practically ripped out.

The Finchel, Klaine, and Brittania break-ups were the most devastating to fans. There were some really great moments too though. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson have both made incredible appearances in season four. During season three, our favorites won Nationals and finally graduated. 

Aside from all the doom and gloom, there have been some extraordinary moments. One of the best was the “Flashdance” performance featuring Lea Michele and Jenna Ushkowitz. It was almost as if Rachel were passing the torch onto Tina. Viewers of season four see that Tina surprisingly wasn’t their new lead or secret weapon, despite what everyone thought. Irene Cara praised the performance on Twitter which was pretty amazing all by itself.

Several other glorious moments join that one for the favorites of 2012. Which of your favorite made the cut? Let us know in the comments below!