Socialite Life’s Favorite Charitable Celebrities: Vote For Your Favorite

On a daily basis, you, our readers let us know via comments on posts, on Twitter and on Facebook which celebrities you love and are passionate about.

Some celebrities are just that, celebrities. While others take their celebrity and put that to good use, by lending their name, time and money to causes and charities that are dear to their hearts. Those celebrities are the ones who really are near and dear to our hearts.

So we thought that it was time to ask our staff which charitable celebrities that they love the most. Each staff member submitted a celebrity for nomination, a photo of his-or-herself, and a blurb about why they chose the celebrity they did.

We want you to join in the fun as well and vote for your favorite of the celebrities we’ve chosen!

The poll will remain open for two weeks — until April 22 — and, at that time, the celebrity with the most votes will become Socialite Life’s de facto Celebrity Humanitarian of the Year!

Please take a minute to share your opinion by voting from the selections below and tell us who you love too! Vote now! 

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