Socialite Life’s Favorite Charitable Celebrities: Vote For Your Favorite

April 8th, 2013 // 46 Comments
We Heart Nominees

On a daily basis, you, our readers let us know via comments on posts, on Twitter and on Facebook which celebrities you love and are passionate about.

Some celebrities are just that, celebrities. While others take their celebrity and put that to good use, by lending their name, time and money to causes and charities that are dear to their hearts. Those celebrities are the ones who really are near and dear to our hearts.

So we thought that it was time to ask our staff which charitable celebrities that they love the most. Each staff member submitted a celebrity for nomination, a photo of his-or-herself, and a blurb about why they chose the celebrity they did.

We want you to join in the fun as well and vote for your favorite of the celebrities we’ve chosen!

The poll will remain open for two weeks — until April 22 — and, at that time, the celebrity with the most votes will become Socialite Life’s de facto Celebrity Humanitarian of the Year!

Please take a minute to share your opinion by voting from the selections below and tell us who you love too! Vote now! 

By Michael Prieve

  1. I remember after Adam was on Idol and instead of the flood of gifts from fans he kept getting every day, he encouraged people to give to the DonorsChoose program instead. As of last year, he’d helped raise over a million dollars across several causes that are important to him. Plus he’s a complete sweetheart in person. I vote for Adam!

  2. glamity58

    Love Adam….he doesn’t get enough respect for his music and his support of so many causes. He is a great singer and stage performer.

  3. tess4ADAM

    My vote goes to that Caring .. Loving .. Giving .. Talented .. GORGEOUS .. ADAM LAMBERT! It is because of ADAM that I am a member of charities to which I donate on a regular basis. If it hadn’t been for ADAM I would be totally unaware of them .. Donors Choose .. Charity:Water .. Trevor Project … LOVE this fine young artist!

  4. eldreth

    yo voto por josh el es un gran actor el mejor del mundo y a ayudado mucho por eso voto por el

  5. funbunn40

    Adam,asked fans to support Charity Water for his 29th birthday,instead of sending him gifts that he really preferred went to charity. Hoping to raise 29k for people that had no clean water, his fans raised 393,000, crashing their site, breaking a record. Donors choose, The Trevor Project, We Are Family Foundation and Cyndi Lauper’s foundation for homeless LBGT teens are just some of the charities that this caring man has supported, giving back to make the world a better place. Adam’s beautiful spirit radiates, fills with joy and engulfs those that meet him. His kindness and generousity have no limits and that is why he has my vote!

  6. star

    Joshy poo

  7. ka

    vote josh please!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 曾爽

    I’m a Chinese girl and I love Adam Lambert!

    • funbunn40

      Adam’s Chinese fans rock! They gave him the best welcome recently in China and he had such a great time singing and connecting with them!

  9. netherlands

    josh of course !!! great actor!

  10. ValsM.

    Josh Hutcherson, of course!!!

  11. Cynthia

    Josh! I’m voting for THE HUTCH!!! He’s amazing, this boys got it all, he can act, he has an amazing personalty, and he’s so dam adorable, and hot!! And I love that he’s part of Straight But Not Norrow, I support it 100%.

  12. Naomi Garcia

    Josh Hutcherson!!! Claro, es un gran actor y es una persona muy buena que a alludado mucho y aparte me encanta como es.. es PERFECTO..!! Poreso yo Voto por el !!!

  13. Marcy

    Adam Lambert

  14. Sam

    Adam Lambert

  15. sahar

    adam lambert. just

  16. sahar

    adam lambert


  18. Jojo

    Joooosh *O*

  19. roya

    Adam lambert always perfeCt ! ^_^

  20. Lissa

    Josh Hutcherson! :)

  21. Joshuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *—————* MY BOYFRIEND e_e

  22. Nadine


  23. cathy derosier

    Adam Lambert is doing amazing things for differant progames he is even has started of his own

  24. nikta

    I Love Adam Lambert.

  25. Xoo(:

    Josh Josh!!!

  26. terie


  27. Lisa

    Adam Lambert not only gives of his time, energy and support to various organizations supporting the LGBT community, especially the youth, he inspires his fans to give. Since becoming a devoted Glambert, I am constantly seeking ways to be more involved and supportive to these organizations and causes but I also try to help locally. I have become a more aware and caring person because of Adam.

  28. mieko


  29. Daria

    Adam Lambert!

  30. Sky Loudermilk
  31. Sky

    Josh Hutcherson

  32. tess4ADAM

    Winner of California Equality Award … ADAM LAMBERT!!

  33. Nata


  34. glamity58

    No contest…Adam is the best. Come on LBGTQ Community…start buying his music even if you don’t like pop. It is great music and why not support someone who has supporte you for so long. I’m straight and don’t see why he doesn’t get more support from his community other than on websites….or on the GLAAD awards which is cool.

  35. Adam Lambert because he is extremely humble, takes nothing for granted and spreads the word of LOVE all over the world!

  36. se_verus

    Adam and only Adam. He’s amazing and talented and bright. We all proud him.
    So Adam Lambert

  37. anna

    Adam Lambert is the only way. A man who is not afraid to be themselves and dare enough to show it.

  38. just S

    Adam and only him. He deserves this and we are proud that we’re Glamberts.

  39. crazy Kitty

    Adam, Adam, ADAM and no one else.

  40. sasha

    our choice – Lambert

  41. Hutcherson, of course, c’mon Hutcherwives, vote vote vote!!!

  42. tess4ADAM

    Let’s GO #TeamGlambert!! ADAM FTW!!

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