Socialite Life’s Exclusive Interview With World Famous DJ Ferry Corsten

A couple of years ago at a house party, I was introduced to powerhouse DJ Ferry Corsten. I vividly remember the moment when I heard his club banger, “Rock Your Body Rock,” it pulsed with enthusiasm  and immediately grabbed my attention. The song became, and still remains, an anthem of pure fun and a force of Techno fire.  The stamina that is embedded within the song is shown right before he drops the beat…

“I’m on a mission, let me take you back and forth 
Another jam that’s gonna make you scream for more 
From New York, London til’ Amsterdam, let’s rock 
I wanna rock your body rock!”

Well Mr. Corsten, mission complete! We still cant get enough of your bombastic, trance-infused dance music. With speakers around the world spinning his beats, Corsten scored as #7  in DJ Magazine’s annual Top 100 DJ poll. As a result of his prominent success, Ferry is hosting an 8-hour, live worldwide radio broadcast for “Corsten’s Countdown New Year’s Special” on Saturday Dec 29th from 10am-6pm ET from the studios of SiriusXM Radio in NYC.

Fortunately for us, Corsten was able take time from his busy schedule to do a Q & A, with yours truly. Check out the interview below! 

E. Nusgart: From your perspective as a founding member of the dance music community, what’s your opinion of the current explosion of EDM in America?

Ferry Corsten: I think it’s a great thing! The more people listening to EDM, the better. This way, EDM also gets promoted a lot more which will also lead to new, talented producers and DJ’s.

E. Nusgart: How did you come up with the alias, System F? Do you feel it’s even necessary for today’s aspiring producers to use aliases? Why/why not?

Ferry Corsten: I always produced very systematically, and the F is for Ferry, hence the name System F. I think it’s less important for artists to use aliases these days as the styles of music are blending together a lot.

E. Nusgart: What is your favorite part about hosting your Corsten’s Countdown radio show? What is Ferry’s Fix?

Ferry Corsten: The thing I enjoy the most with Corsten’s Countdown is that the top three tracks are selected by the fans who are listening and voting after the show. The whole idea of Corsten’s Countdown – which is a weekly show — is that it’s an interactive show where the listeners decide what I will play and it is always great to see all the reactions after a show. Ferry’s Fix is a monthly mix where I don’t talk that much and I make these mixes to get the listener excited and capture that feeling of excitement right before you’re about to go clubbing.

E. Nusgart: What was it like working with Armin Van Buuren on the track, “Brute”?

Ferry Corsten: Working with Armin was great. We have been friends for a long time, now, and when he came over to my studio in Rotterdam, we instantly started with the idea which became “Brute.” It really felt natural to create this track together and I really enjoyed the collaboration.

E. Nusgart: Where is your favorite venue/music festival to DJ at?

Ferry Corsten: There’s too many to name! I have seen so many clubs and festivals that I really can’t pick just one. It’s impossible to choose.

E. Nusgart: Do you feel that the popularity of dubstep has peaked in America, and do you see the trance genre as having more longevity? (i.e. Skrillex and Porter Robinson’s crowds are nowhere as large as, say, Armin van Buuren’s or Tiesto’s or Ferry Corsten’s crowds.)

Ferry Corsten: I think the main thing that is happening at the moment is that all of the EDM styles are blending together, which I think is fine, by the way. I always love experimenting with sounds and these days you hear so many elements of house in a trance track, or the other way around. I think that it will be a melting pot of all styles, in the end.

E. Nusgart: Was it fun remixing Justin Bieber? Who/what is the next big remix you’re going to do?

Ferry Corsten: When I got the request to remix Justin Bieber, it really felt as a challenge and that is exactly the reason I said “yes” to doing the remix. I can’t say too much about upcoming projects because we haven’t announced them yet, but watch this space.