SOCIALITE LIFE Walks The Red Carpet At ‘The Year Of The BLVD’ Hosted By Mario Lopez [PHOTOS]

Mario Lopez & His Baby
Mario Lopez's baby Gia makes her debut!
What do a celebrity host, NBA basketball player, Disney Channel star, and Grammy Award winning producer all have in common? They were all at the Year of the BLVD event Thur., June 21! Socialite Life was there to cover everything from the arrival of the host himself, Mario Lopez, to an interview with LA Lakers’ and basketball wife, Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan. The event celebrated the BLVD Hotel’s one-year anniversary of its Studio City hotel and spa, as well as the opening of its new Hollywood location.

Mario Lopez spoke to me about how he initially got involved in hosting the event, saying that it was a buddy of his who owned the hotel and that he liked to support his friends. Lopez also mentioned his various projects, that include MTV’s Golden Boys, a docu series that follows young Latin boxers, his radio show On With Mario, and his documentary film, Champs. This former childhood star has lots on his plate, and he couldn’t feel more blessed.

The ExesDavid Alan Basche also enlightened me to the fact that Lopez released a children’s book titled Mario and Gia back in September. Basche revealed that one of the reasons he came to the event was because his daughter loved the children’s book. When his publicist told him about the event that Lopez was hosting, he had to go see him. Basche also commented on his own success, affirming that “life is good.”

The Exes’ season 2 premier on Wednesday, the night before the event, received two and a half million views says Basche, and he couldn’t have seemed more pleased with the response. From comedy to drama, sitcoms to feature film, Basche feels very, very lucky. When asked how he manages it all, he admitted to Socialite Life, “I don’t know how I keep it all straight! I’m just kind of going with the flow.”

I also had the privilege to speak with Wizards of Waverly Place’s Jake T. Austin. Initially, Austin was not suppose to take interviews but the actor couldn’t resist one question with Socialite Life. He spoke about his project outside of Disney Channel, confirming his new project was a great transition from the Disney bubble. Austin had just wrapped up his new movie, Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, where he is said to play Huckleberry Finn. He was in Bulgaria and is now waiting on its release, saying that it probably will come out early 2013 but distribution is still pending.

The cast from Falling Skies also made an appearance, and I had the opportunity to speak with Seychelle Gabriel, who also goes by the name of Lourdes (only on set of course). Gabriel said she feeds off the environment when preparing for her character. The cast is obviously put into a dire, desperate circumstance, having been survivors of an alien attack. “In preparing, you have to wrap your head around what you would have to lose and what is most important to you,” the actress said. Other cast appearances included Peter Shinkoda, who plays Dai, and Mpho Doaho, who plays Anthony.

My favorite of the night had to be LA Lakers’ Matt Barnes and his wife Gloria Govan. Barnes admitted playing mom since the season ended. He isn’t too worried about next season’s preparation because he is too preoccupied with his family. Barnes was definitely not all talk, it was clear he meant what he said. He appeared to be more comfortable talking about his wife’s success rather than his own saying “she’s got everything [gesturing to his wife Gloria Govan], tell her baby.”

When the focus was turned to Govan, she proudly identified said accomplishments, saying that she had a DVD and a cookbook coming out. Barnes egged his wife on asking what else she had going on, reminding her she had a few movie projects coming out in the summer. Govan definitely stands by her husband’s successes as well in regards to basketball but right now she is focusing on work and preparing herself for the busy fall ahead.

The event was a hit, and the carpet followed a party with all its stars socializing and trying to have a good time. Other stars that I saw there included actress Joyful Drake, Power RangersAlex Heartman, Switched At Birth’s Maiara Walsh, Actress Essense Atkins, Actress Denyce Lawton, Real Chance For Love’s Ahmad ‘Real’ Givens, Grammy Award winning producer Devine Evans, and basketball wife Laura Govan.