SOCIALITE LIFE Talks Royalty And Showbiz At BritWeek’s Launch Party [PHOTOS]

As one can imagine, this editor was in her element at last night’s official launch party of BritWeek in LA’s Hancock Park.  Brothers & Sisters’ Matthew Rhys spoke to me about The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, and I wanted him to keep talking forever and ever (the accent…swoon.  Were his Dickenson mutton chops real?  “Absolutely,” he assured me.  “100% all my own work.”

The best part of my night was talking to author and the most glamorous woman I’ve met in awhile, Jackie Collins, who told me that I look a little like Kate Middleton.  I wish.

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I think she is fabulous,” Collins said of The Duchess.  “I think she is incredible.  She’s stylish, beautiful and classy.  William could not have done better for himself.  She is wonderful, and I’m a big fan”

“I think she has.  Kate’s absolutely captivated them.  And she’s a very captivating woman.  I hope that she has a really happy life with William, and that she gets along with the royal family.  If not, they can be difficult!” 

I also chatted with Dame Barbara Hay, HM Consul-General to LA, who welcomed The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the city last July.  When I asked if people hounded her with royal protocol questions prior to Will and Kate’s arrival, Hay assured me that all TRH expect is for everyone to be polite.

I then took a trip back in time with the dreamy Ioan Gruffud (he’s even cuter in person, ladies).  Back in 1997, I didn’t realize that Gruffud played 5th Officer Harold Lowe.  “What’s incredible is that it (Titanic) still has a voice,” Gruffud told me.  “We forget sometimes that this event occurred, and obviously it was a tragedy.  What stuck with me, even when I was shooting it, was this realization that ‘Oh my goodness, this actually happened.’  I played a historical character from North Wales, and it’s really quite moving to think that he went back and saved all those people. “

How the hell did Gruffud prepare for such an emotionally draining role?  “There wasn’t much acting involved because the makeup was so brilliant on the characters who were in the water,” Gruffud said about Lowe’s search for survivors after the Titanic sank just before 3am on April 15th.  “There was such an eery sense when we shot the movie for the whole nine months.  You had to open your heart and imagine what it would have been like.  Keeping a lid on emotions was the hardest bit.”

So what’s BritWeek all about, you ask?  “It highlights all the productive links between Britain and California,” chairman Bob Pierce explained to me on the red carpet.  “The fact that we’ve begun to raise our profile in Britain is actually good, not just for us, but for Los Angeles.  What BritWeek does is draw attention to not just the entertainment industry, but also to the music industry, the arts, design, fashion, architecture, science ,cuisine, retail, business and media ideas.  BritWeek helps to show people elsewhere the range of things that are going on in LA through the prism of British connections.” Hurrah

Brilliant night.  Also saw Mischa Barton, Lord Frederick Windsor, Lady Victoria Hervey (wearing an odd, flapper-like head piece), Britt Ekland, Jared Harris, Tom Mckay, Raza Jaffrey, Matthew Wolf, Jeri Ryan, David James Elliott, Craig Young, Samantha Mumba, Mischa Barton, Claire Holt, Doris Roberts, Patricia Heaton, Anna Trebunskaya, Bruno Tonioli,  Nigel Lythgoe, Julian Sands, and Matt Goss.