Socialite Life Reader Q&A

Zac Efron's Hairvolution!
All of Zac's hairstyles through the years!
As you know, we made bunch of improvements to the website two weeks ago, and we’d like your thoughts on them.

We personally think that the improvements have made the site much more richer with content, plus overall the site’s loading time has improved, so that’s a win for everyone! We have just a few questions for you regarding the improvements, and we’d truly appreciate you taking the time to answer them for us.

1. Do you find the site easier to read with the wider layout?
2. Are you enjoying the faster loading photo galleries?
3. Have you used the zoom feature in the photos galleries?

Just a few more questions…

4. Are the related content widgets (the Zac Efron and 2011 widgets above) helpful in showcasing featured content?
5. Do you enjoy having the added photo strips (like the bikini photo strip below) included within the posts?

6. Are you finding it easier to leave comments on the site?

Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below, or email them to us at