‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Finale: Who Will Win?

So You Think You Can Dance is coming to a close as the winner will be announced tonight life from the Kodak Theater. Last night the four remain dancers, Evan Kasprzak, Kayla Radomski, Brandon Bryant and Jeanine Mason danced up a storm in their last chance to get the votes they need to win. Although there will be performances tonight, the fate of the four is already sealed.

Evan seems to be a crowd favorite, but after he was picked on a bit by the judges, it remains to be seen whether the audience let that affect their vote. Judge and producer, Nigel Lythgoe, told the Daily News he thinks it’s between Brandon and Jeanine who were both totally on their game last night.

The show got a huge dose of A-List after Katie Holmes guest starred a few weeks ago, but all that hype seems to be forgotten in the excitement of the finale.

I haven’t been this excited and nervous about a finale since American Idol! Hopefully So You Think You Can Dance won’t keep taunting me every few seconds with the fact that they know the winner like Idol likes to do. I’m sorry; I forgot for a second that I was talking about a competition show on FOX. Yay for finales!!!

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