So Many Things To Notice In The Oprah/Serena Williams Pedicure

First, let’s notice that there’s a spa within Harpo Studios. Not that I didn’t EXPECT there to be one, but I just want to soak in the fact that it actually does exist.

Secondly, what the hell is Oprah reading while getting her pedicure from tennis great Serena Williams? Oprah magazine. Duh.

Apparently Williams trained to be a nail tech and what better way to conduct an interview be two grossly rich women than have one do the other’s nails? There is no better way. And that Oprah can turn the interview back to “Who taught you that?” “You did, Oprah” moment.

Actually, I feel we learn more about Oprah than we do about Serena, which is what makes Serena one of the BEST nail techs I’ve ever seen. Cause they are always pulling out your deep, dark secrets while doing your nails.