So Long, Sweet Summer -A Look at “Green Flash”

September 25th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Even though I love it when the weather changes and the leaves start to turn, I have to say that I’m sure none of us will miss the shirtless hot bodies frolicking on the beach, glistening and camera-ready. So, in deference to the hot summer that is leaving us behind, we present to you this lovely photo set of the cast of the beach volleyball film, “Green Flash,” which is currently in production in Manhattan Beach. David Charvet, who probably has a clause in his contract that requires that he always be shirtless, is playing a former basketball pro, who has to work up the ranks of the beach volleyball world. Yeah, it’s all very “Air Bud” meets a Bowflex commercial. In any case, I’m sure these pictures are the best part, since there’s no sound. Enjoy.


Many more photos (Brody Hutzler, David Charvet, Jaleel White, Jason Olive, Torrey DeVito are after the jump.) from the set of “Green Flash” are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Elea

    Listened to the songs he composed for his latest album released in France and guess he should be great as this troubled beach volley pro.
    Although I wasn’t interested in “Baywatch”, I have to admit I can’t wait to see him again on screen!
    He also has an horror movie due to release soon, “Prisoners of the Sun”!

  2. hmweis1

    Jaleel White? As in Urkel? I smell Oscar!

  3. Elea

    How about just having fun and spend some good time watching?
    In general when you go to the movies, don’t you wanna be pleasantly surprised or see something that is not already well known and formatted?

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