So Long, Staub: The Finale Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Well, in the words of Porky Pig, “That’s all folks!” This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has finally, FINALLY come to a close. So we think. I’m sure there’s a ‘bonus footage’ show waiting for us somewhere, someday.

Let’s just get the doll head out of the way right now: Danielle Staub brought a mannequin head with hair and weaves built in to explain the amount of hair that had been pulled out of her head and then had host Andy Cohen try to pull the weaves out, which at first he had trouble doing. I felt like I was watching Mythbusters.

Last night was part deux of the reunion special that was basically more of the same: Danielle being yelled at by Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice and Jaqueline Laurita. Stauby was lying her way through must of their charges and dancing around all the issues about Facebook and Twitter messages and all kinds of other crazy shit.

Then there was the underwhelming appearance by Kim Granatell, who clearly no one really likes – except Jaqueline.

It all ended with a very out-of-the-blue truce being called by Jaqueline to Danielle and the latter got up to give both her and Teresa a hug, signaling that hell had frozen over. Part of me wanted Danielle to give Jacqs a big old vampire bit on her neck. You can watch this unfold after the jump!

It was also announced last night by Cohen via the Bravo website that Danielle was no longer part of the show and that was her last appearance. Rumors are circulating that Teresa may not be returning as well, but that Bravo wants her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga on the show.

Even after it’s all said and done, RHONJ is a fucking mess. And I hope that I can get my fix through the upcoming installment of The Real Housewives of Atlanta…which I will be reviewing right here every week!