So It Turns Out, Nicole Narain Is A Greedy Whore

So how much is Nicole Narain trying to gain from her sex tape that she made with Colin Farrell? $3 million advance payment if she wins the lawsuit, and the tape gets released. Her legal fees are covered as well. So the real question is, did Nicole Narain sleep with Colin Farrell for profit?

The former Playboy Playmate who is seeking to market a videotaped sex session with actor Colin Farrell will get a $3 million advance payment from an Internet porn outfit if she prevails in her lawsuit against the Hollywood star, who is suing to keep the steamy video under wraps. The seven-figure payout to Nicole Narain, Miss January 2002, is stipulated in an October 2005 option agreement she signed with Internet Commerce Group (ICG), the Arizona firm that would be poised to distribute the 15-minute video if Farrell’s Los Angeles Superior Court legal challenge fails. When word of the 31-year-old Narain’s plan to peddle the video leaked last summer, Farrell, 29, filed a lawsuit against her and two porn brokers and obtained a court restraining order barring distribution of the sex tape (though snippets from the video were released on the Internet and can still be found online).

Farrell subsequently named ICG and a friend of Narain’s as additional defendants. In a March 13 court filing, Farrell’s lawyers included the option agreement between Narain and ICG, which has locked up Narain’s rights in case Farrell’s legal bid fails, clearing the way for the tape’s distribution. The agreement, a copy of which you’ll find below, guarantees Narain $100,000, whether or not the explicit video can be marketed. The document also calls for Narain’s legal fees to be covered up to $60,000. The option deal provides Narain with 60 percent of all “net revenues” generated by the video’s exploitation and requires her to “diligently pursue her rights” to the videotape and “vigorously defend” against Farrell’s lawsuit.

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