So It Turns Out, Nicole Narain Is A Greedy Whore

March 16th, 2006 // 20 Comments

So how much is Nicole Narain trying to gain from her sex tape that she made with Colin Farrell? $3 million advance payment if she wins the lawsuit, and the tape gets released. Her legal fees are covered as well. So the real question is, did Nicole Narain sleep with Colin Farrell for profit?

The former Playboy Playmate who is seeking to market a videotaped sex session with actor Colin Farrell will get a $3 million advance payment from an Internet porn outfit if she prevails in her lawsuit against the Hollywood star, who is suing to keep the steamy video under wraps. The seven-figure payout to Nicole Narain, Miss January 2002, is stipulated in an October 2005 option agreement she signed with Internet Commerce Group (ICG), the Arizona firm that would be poised to distribute the 15-minute video if Farrell’s Los Angeles Superior Court legal challenge fails. When word of the 31-year-old Narain’s plan to peddle the video leaked last summer, Farrell, 29, filed a lawsuit against her and two porn brokers and obtained a court restraining order barring distribution of the sex tape (though snippets from the video were released on the Internet and can still be found online).

Farrell subsequently named ICG and a friend of Narain’s as additional defendants. In a March 13 court filing, Farrell’s lawyers included the option agreement between Narain and ICG, which has locked up Narain’s rights in case Farrell’s legal bid fails, clearing the way for the tape’s distribution. The agreement, a copy of which you’ll find below, guarantees Narain $100,000, whether or not the explicit video can be marketed. The document also calls for Narain’s legal fees to be covered up to $60,000. The option deal provides Narain with 60 percent of all “net revenues” generated by the video’s exploitation and requires her to “diligently pursue her rights” to the videotape and “vigorously defend” against Farrell’s lawsuit.

Sex With Colin Farrell Worth $3 Million? [TSG]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Nicole is so pretty in this picture. Has anyone seen this tape ?? Who’s wee-wee is bigger .. Fall out boys gutarist or Collin??

  2. juan

    Definitely Colin! Perfect size for ridin’!

  3. Lynn

    The only thing that would make this story interesting is if she was actually a female impersonator!

  4. mutterhals

    she bought those underwear from Kohls, cheap ass bitch!!!

  5. katie

    You know it’s funny, looking at her, I would NEVER have guessed that she’d be sleeping with guys for cash or up to no good. She just seems so classy and fair. Nothing about this woman says, “I’m cheap and easy and I’ll blackmail you later.”

    People are getting harder and harder to judge, I guess.


  6. Small Fry

    You know Katie, I was thinkin the same thing. I mean, do we really think a girl who is willing to pose nude for a bunch of creepy dudes to spank to would be willing to stoop to this level? Amazing, I had Playmate’s pegged for these good, wholesome type girls.

  7. Perplexed

    Personally, I’m having a hard time getting past the fact that this “legendary lover” apparently only lasts 15 minutes….

  8. d.c.

    I hope she wins all the money she wants.. Users/abusers deserve their down fall..

  9. KittyLiterati

    Well, I dunno. She does pose naked for money. So why would she be deemed “too classy” to exploit Colin Farrell for money?

  10. Silasdog

    She better make her money now, because soon she’ll be on crack like the rest of the hip-hop whores and be a Whitney Houston look-alike.

  11. I am not suprised. My husband subscribes to playboy and I always read them too and during her interview for the centerfold she said she always had problems with other women because she was so beautiful that women hated her.

    Colin: That is what we call a “RED FLAG”

  12. Collin, please share!

    God I want to do her. Even if just 15 minutes. What a hottie.

  13. jn0515

    To add to what They said I read an interview by her and she said that one of life goals was to not have to worry about money. It’s obvious that’s her only motivation. Greedy-ass ho’!

  14. PrettyinPink

    Silasdog…do you think all women in hip-hop are on drugs? And if so, how does Whitney Houston qualify since she’s not a part of hip-hop & instead a pop/R&B singer.

    Were you trying to substitute “Black” with the word “hip-hop” by chance?

  15. Silasdog

    Pinkie, yes, I believe most hip hoppers are significant drug users, take it or leave it. I’ve been in the music biz, seen enuff to know. The Whitney remark has to do with her photos in this blog. And don’t give me that “black is hip hop” crap. If you’re paranoid, see a shrink.

  16. Gold_eyez

    Well silasdog, instead of pointing the finger at hip-hop, you may as well have said how the music industry itself is composed of “crack heads”. Anyway,the last time I read the entertainment news it seems that rock stars stay in and out of trouble with the law about drugs. Been in the industry *yeah right*, your mother is probably a crack ho.

  17. Courtney Love's Parole Officer

    Silasgod 15: Music in general breeds drug use. Keith Richards? Aerosmith? Clapton? Elvis? Led Zeppelin? Guns N Roses? Motley Crue? Nirvana? Courtney Love? Janis Joplin? Boy George?

    Remember? These guys and gals above were the epitome of drug use and none were Hip Hop.

    Hip Hop lifestyle is decadent like much lifestyles in contemporary music. Nothing to do with the type of music. You know this, come on!

  18. Silasdog

    Hey Goldie, you don’t even KNOW me or my background, so how the hell can you question my past. And listen you midget minded moron, I’m entitled to my opinion. Your response about my mother shows where YOU’RE coming from. Go refill your crack pipe.

  19. Curious

    Sialsdog, yuo did not answer #17′s question. You say Hip Hop is full of “crack whores” – yes, you are entitled to your opinion.

    But like #17 says what do you make of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane member Grace Slick, Courtney Love, Guns N Roses (all the names mentioned in #17)?

    They are not Hip Hop – how does your theory ( a lot of crack whores in Hip Hop) explain this? Could it be not just Hip Hop?

    Please explain. Curious.

  20. Silasdog

    Curious, pardon my omission. The other bunch (Stones, Airplane, Courtney, etc) are in the same drugged-out bag, no better than the hip hoppers. I didn’t mention them because their abusive drug-taking has already been so well documented. And anyone who reads my remarks in this blog knows I make no exceptions (no sacred cows) with my criticism of the celebs. They’re all “grist for the mill” as far as I’m concerned, and that, in fact, is the strange beauty of this blog. Frankly, my remarks in this topic are relatively tame compared to the way I’ve hammered Mariah, Pete Doherty, Jennifer Anniston, Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller, and a host of others, led by the epitomy of human sewage – Madonna.

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