So Are Justin Long And Drew Barrymore On Again?

In their new film together Going the Distance, Justin Long and Drew Barrymore play an adorable couple – or themselves. While they were making the movie, they were dating. Then they weren’t. But now they are again? And Drew isn’t saying anything, telling the London Telegraph, “I’m now in that place where I’m like, ‘It’s not your fucking business.'” Fair enough.

But Justin is giving us a bit of insight.

“We’ve been through everything,” Long tells New York Magazine, “the whole gamut of the heights of love to the depth of heartbreak. I mean, we’ve been on quite a journey. And the idea that a person that you’re in a relationship with can change you so drastically and have that deep of an effect on your life, just that idea, I mean, what a gift to be able to use that, to be able to create something from it that we can see again. It’s like a little time capsule. It’s a bit of permanence that usually doesn’t exist when you’re with somebody.”

The truth is, we do love each other. I pray to God she’s always in my life. We were friends before this, and at the heart of what we are and will be is friends. Two good, really dear friends, and that trumps anything else.

Well they have been spotted out and about in what appears to be a reconciliation. Check out pics of them while they were filming Going The Distance, which again – is basically like their real-life romance anyway.