‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Judge Mary Murphy Hits Back Against Drug And Sex Scandal Claims

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So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy, known for telling contestants they’re on “the hot tamale train”, is the target of a series of shocking allegations made by her ex-manager in a lawsuit against the 54-year-old ex-dancer. Sources say this all stems from Murphy suing him over prior double-dealings.

Michael Sanchez, who managed the dance show judge from 2006-2010, is suing Mary for breach of contract and more than $1 million in unpaid commissions and damages, Radar Online reports.

The famously upbeat judge has been called a “desperate, cocaine-fuelled nymphomaniac” by her ex-manager, who claimed her alleged prescription and illegal drug abuse affected her behaviour and business commitments.

He cited two incidents in 2009, the first involving security breaking into Mary’s apartment to find her “unresponsive” after a “cocaine-fuelled evening of partying”. 

The second incident allegedly occurred at Sydney hotel, where Michael and another witness claim to have found her “high on drugs, in bed with a So You Think You Can Dance producer, with cocaine on the nightstand.”

Mary’s lawyer says the lawsuit is full of “libellous remarks and allegations”, claiming it arises from another lawsuit involving the ex-manager’s bankruptcy and money owing to Mary.

Sources connected with Murphy told TMZ that they believe Sanchez is trying to embarrass Murphy on the eve of So You Think You Can Dance’s Thursday premiere because she has sued him for double-dealing her over a show she was in, Burn the Floor.

According to the suit, filed in December, Murphy says Sanchez secretly went to producers of the play and told them not to pay Murphy directly, but rather to put the $60,000 in his account and then he would take care of her. Murphy says Sanchez didn’t give her a penny.

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