So Relieved: Channing Tatum Playing Another Soldier

Channing Tatum, seen above with his dog at the dog park in Los Angeles, is set to appear as a soldier in the film Love and Honor, a espionage drama based on the Russian czarina Catherine the Great.

Seriously, this guy has the worst parts. I mean, he has acted in other roles and done okay – please note the reticence with which I say that – but another soldier? C’mon Tates.

Screen writer Randall Wallace’s story is based on his 2005 work of historical fiction of the same name. In the story, Tatum’s character Kieran Selkirk is sent to Russia to pose as a British mercenary and persuade her to not send Russian troops to Britain in order to suppress the American revolution.

Several years ago, the project had been set up at Disney with Angelina Jolie attached to play Catherine, but neither that studio nor Jolie are involved anymore.

Sounds like it could be a major bore? What do you all think? See it or snooze it?