So, Lindsay Lohan Is Behind The Wheel Again…

Lohan's Best Excuses
They're gems, I tell you
Sometimes when you mix driving and Lindsay Lohanthey repel each other.

But a (still) healthy looking Lindsay took the wheel after leaving her hotel in SoHo with some friends in NYC, on August 30, 2013.

Not that I’m worried about her driving under the influence and accompanied by something that resembles cooking powder, it’s the pedestrians I fear for! 

Regardless of sobriety, if a person has a record for allegedly side-sweeping people should they really be driving?!

Too make things a bit more nerve-wracking, Lohan was chit chatting away on her phone while entering her Porsche but, luckily she put it down before driving.

Anyway, enough with the panic attack. Are you getting that Clueless vibe out of these shots too?

“Africa” meets Cher. I dig it. Just like I really dig that copper tone on her.

So, here’s to hoping that LiLo and her vehicles reconcile their differences and stop getting sent to the can.