So Far So Good, Kate: 10 Great Royal Moments In Southeast Asia [PHOTOS]

We still have less than a week left on William and Catherine’s royal tour of Southeast Asia, but let’s reflect back on ten great Kate moments thus far, shall we?

Before we get on to the gallery, I messaged with Emma Branch, a Brit living in Singapore who followed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 2 1/2 days in the city.  I asked Branch how she felt about seeing the heir and his future consort in the flesh, since she is so far away from home. 

“It has been amazing following the Royal Jubilee Tour in Singapore and so great that they choose to visit Singapore as part of the tour,” Branch wrote.  “As a Brit living in Singapore it has been incredible to feel a part of the Queens Royal Jubilee year, with the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge visiting Singapore.”

Branch was especially excited to see members of the royal family, given that she missed out on some milestone events this past summer.  “We missed out on the Jubilee celebrations in London and the Olympics so this has definitely helped us to feel apart of it  and celebrate this very special year,” Branch explained.  “Kate has looked amazing during the tour, especially in the heat & humidity of Singapore….her hair  has still managed to look perfect!”