Snowbound Gerard Butler Loves A Winter Wonderland

Born and raised in Scotland, Gerard Butler prefers his Christmases to be snowy, even if the presents aren’t on the pricey side. The 300 star recently confessed, “Coming from a country where it gets cold and it snows, there’s a real Christmassy feeling in Scotland.”

Perhaps the Scot is hoping to capture some of the holiday memories of his youth by traveling to Aspen, Colorado for some skiing and Starbucks. He admits that in his youth, while the presents weren’t bountiful and his father was mostly absent from his life, he was appreciative for whatever he found under the Christmas tree.

Butler explains, “I had a lot of aunts and uncles, great grand uncles and they would always make sure that we were alright…My uncle would build us a sled or we’d get these weird wonderful gifts, and I would always be thinking I would catch Santa coming down the chimney.”

So he could grab him by the leg and ask, “Are you my daddy?