Snoop and Becks, The New Celebrity BFFs

So, now that it’s Snoop Dogg’s turn to ride the reality television train, he’s recruited David Beckham to guest star on an episode of the rapper’s series that is supposed to be focused on his life as a family man. It’s all unsurprisingly very staged and Snoop seems to be more interested in dancing and doing cartwheels than trying to learn to play soccer. Afterwards the two enjoy a meal at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles because they’re such good friends! Sorry if I’m sounding overly jaded for someone who claims to be a reality television enthusiast, but I’m totally over seeing Snoop hanging out with white people and feigning amusement at the concept that isn’t is so goofy because of the wacky clashing of cultures?

Check out the video of David Beckham on Snoop’s show after the jump.