Snoop Dogg (*Lion) Wants To Be An ‘American Idol’ Judge [PHOTOS]

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Snoop Dogg surprised us this week when he announced his sudden change from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion. Now he said in an interview this past week that he wouldn’t mind being an American Idol judge.

Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler have left the reality show so two seats are open. Actually one, because Mariah Carey is now filling in on one seat. Apparently she is making $18 million a year for her one year contract. Once Snoop Dogg heard about this he “jokingly” told his manager to “get on it!”.

If Snoop doesn’t end up as the third judge, who would you want? Personally if they had Kanye West as a judge, I’d watch it again.Just imagine how blunt he’d be? A new and improved Simon I’d say. Who would you want? Leave a comment with your ideal judge.