Snoop Dogg Is Banned From Norway. Why? Pot Bust. And 18 Other Celebrities Who Smoke Weed [PHOTOS]

Snoop Dogg has been banned from Norway for two years after trying to sneak eight grams of marijuana into the country, as reported in TIME. Well the news doesn’t really surprise anyone, not even Snoop. Apparently he isn’t really upset with the ban as expressed by his legal representative who said he “can live with the decision” and doesn’t plan to appeal it.

I’m sure Norway half expected him to bring the weed (honestly), remembering when he was arrested last January at the U.S.-Mexico checkpoint for carrying more than two ounces of drugs.

From his occasional charges of marijuana possession to his song lyrics to his performance at Colorado’s Snowball Festival where he lit up a joint and passed it to the audience (glad to report, I was there and witnessed it all), he will probably never be without his revitalizing green substance. Honestly, I do not expect him to be without. Do you?

Check out the gallery to see other celebrities who have been spotted or confessed to lighting up.