Snooki’s Birthday Sponsored By Lifestyles Condoms

Oh heavens…it seems that Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is is planning a huge birthday party for this weekend in New York City and lucky for her – or for anyone in attendance – Lifestyles condoms are sponsoring the event. Makes sense.

Nothing says “Happy Birthday…you’re going to make a regrettable decision tonight” than having a condom distributor at your birthday party handing out free condoms to all guests. She was spotted over the weekend with her boyfriend Jionni LaValle and dad Andy Polizzi at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

“Snooki is an advocate for safe sex, and so was happy to have them as her party sponsor. They’ll probably have a booth at the party giving out condoms to guests. But this party is really for Snooki’s close friends, and she is personally paying for most of it. She has turned down a lot of liquor sponsors because she doesn’t want her friends to drink cheap booze,” a source told the NY Post.

The delightful part of this is that I’m sure she’s not allowed to have liquor sponsors, considering her numerous moments of public intoxication. Also, I’m not sure Snooki is the brand spokesperson a lot of high-end liquors want.

A rep for Snooki, who turns 23 next week, confirmed Saturday’s bash was sponsored by LifeStyles, and added: “Her message is if you are going to have sex, do it safely. It is going to be a great party.”