Snooki Pumps Fist, Then Floor

The pouf and Snooki went down hard while partying at MGM Grand at Foxwoods on Friday.  The guidette and obnoxious plane passenger, was out with her dad and her new boy Emilio shaking it with her sunglasses on in the dark looking and people shouting her name. No wonder she rejected $5,000 an episode and the $10,000 signing bonus, she’s a nightclub rockstar.

The tiny pickle eater can laugh at herself though, and when the footage ended up on You Tube she posted it on her Twitter along with “lmao woopsies.” Check out the video, if you loop it it’s like the show hasn’t ended yet.

I’m more interested in a) the fact that she was at da club with her dad and b) she has a new mans.  She told Us magazine that Emilio was “nothing too serious” and, as she’s said many times on the show, she added “He’s my guido. He’s my type.” She going to have to come up with some new one liners if there’s a second season. 

Here’s Snicker doodle upright the day after (January 23, 2010) at Justin Dior Combs, son of Sean “Puffy” Combs, 16th birthday. You know that Puffy fought to put the Dior in there.