Jersey Shore Cast Rakes It In Doing Absolutely Nothing

Okay okay, maybe that’s not exactly true: they’re experts at tanning and taking shots! But when I hear my girl Snooki charges $20,000 to appear on a red carpet (looking like a tangerine wrapped in neon saran wrap, no less) something needs to be said.

And the rest of the cast is pulling in big bucks as well. Pauly D charges $20K to DJ and Ronnie makes around the same for hosting gigs. Sammi? $15,000 an appearance. And the Situation will earn a whopping $100,000 for appearing on Dancing With The Stars. Stars like JWoww and Ronnie are also using their star power for business, Ronnie with an upcoming beverage called Ron-Ron Juice (ew) and JWoww with her clothing line filthy couture. Ah, so THAT’S what paid for these

Alright, I’m ready to become a guidette now too!