Snooki Turns 23

It’s birthday time for the most notorious Jersey Shore star, Snooki. Snooki turned 23 over the weekend and had an amazing party to celebrate her birthday. She held her party at Pacha in New York, fully equipped with a zebra carpet. Snooki, shown here at her party in New York on November 20th, 2010.

The stars came out to join Snooki’s party, which included JWoww, Sean Kingston, and her lovely parents. Sean Kingston was even nice enough to sing to Snooki at her party. Also it wouldn’t be a Snooki birthday party without a extravagant tiara. Snooki also wore a strapless white dress complete with feathers.

Interestingly, the party was sponsored by LifeSyles condoms, which seems to be the perfect sponsor. Hopefully inside the party was as great at the zebra carpet! Who knows though if guests snacked on Snooki’s favorite food, pickles. Snooki has a lot of upcoming projects, so she definitely wanted to go all out, before her work starts up again.