Snooki Throws A Pirate Party For Lorenzo, Who Gets A Car For His 1st Birthday

Snooki & Lorenzo
The New Mom Shows Off Her Mothering Skills With Son
Hey! How come I didn’t get an Audi for my 1st birthday? Well, I guess I’m just not as cool as Lorenzo.

The tiny tot was looking super adorable yesterday as he celebrated his 1st birthday with his mommy Snooki and daddy Jionni LaValle. And would you look at that, it was a pirate themed party. Guys, Snooki looks particularly good as a pirate. Must be her new hot bod.

Even Snooki’s BFF JWoww got in on the pirate action–she looks pretty fab too. But can someone explain to me why Lorenzo isn’t dressed up? 

I mean, it is his party, you’d think they’d put a hat or a mustache on him. Nope, instead he just seems to have a shirt with a skull on it. And now an Audi. Guys, I want an Audi. But not a real one–I want the one Lorenzo has. There’s just something way more fun about tiny cars, am I right? Sure they can’t get you anywhere, but look how cute they are!

Happy birthday, Lorenzo! May you continue to be adorable. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the little man’s big day. Anybody else surprised by what an awesome mom Snooki is? Sound off in the comments!