Snooki Shows Off Her Maternal Side To Some Beer [PHOTOS]

Snooki In A Brace
Snooks hit a cop car while filming in Florence, Italy.
Guys, this is real. This is what our society has come to.

Jersey Shore’s very own–and very pregnant–Snooki was spotted in Seaside Heights pushing around a baby stroller full of beer and soda. Like, a shopping cart, I could understand, heck even a Radio Flyer wagon, sure, but a baby stroller? Oh Snooki.

This is almost as good as the time Snooki walked around with a penguin balloon and pretended it was her friend. Now, here’s the million dollar question, has Snooki gone insane or does she actually think all of these things are brilliant ideas?

You know, I’ve never watched Jersey Shore on a regular basis–does anyone?–but I might have to watch the season they’re filming right now just to get a better idea of what’s going on with Snooki. Plus, this season should be entertaining because it’s like Sober House: The Jersey Shore Edition.

Check out the photos of Snooki and her baby carriage in the gallery. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll question the direction society has chosen to go, good times had by all.