Snooki Parades Her Cubic Zirconia ‘Round Jersey City [PHOTOS]

I’ve seen some fake-looking engagement rings in my time, and all of them came straight outta Claire’s (or the clearance bin at Nordstrom).  That’s the first thought that came to mind upon seeing the ring on Snooki’s finger this afternoon (March 5th) in Jersey City.

That shiz is going to leave a mark on yo finga.

Snooki’s ex-boyfriend, Emilio Masella (kinda looks like Snooki, but with more jewelry, a penchant for graphic tees, and aspiring reality star) opened his vile little mouth to wish Snooki’s fetus only bad things.  He then back-pedalled, dialing up TMZ to clarify what he meant.

“What I meant by the statement was that I hope she doesn’t have the child. I just hope the test was wrong … I think she’s too young. I don’t think this kid is in it for her,” Masella told the site.  “If she’s pregnant with this kid I guess I can’t associate with her.”

Gross. So much grossness.  

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