Snooki & JWoww: Playing With Dolls, Preparing For Motherhood [PHOTOS]

Snooki Loves Jionni
The parents-to-be during their party days
Jwoww Gets Kinky
The 'Jersey Shore' gets raunchy for the cameras.
OMG, these two are ridiculous. Jersey Shore darlings, Snooki and JWoww were spotted in New York carrying around dolls. Yup, little baby dolls. Like the ones 5-year-old girls play with. Now this all begs the questions: is Snooki really trying to prepare for motherhood by playing with dolls?!

We’ve all been super skeptical of Snooki’s ability since she announced she was pregnant, and this really isn’t helping. I think playing with dolphins is probably better practice for motherhood. Maybe. Again, THIS WOMAN is gonna be a mother?

And what’s JWoww thinking of all this? “Yes Snooki, it’s a great idea to carry around dolls. Motherhood here you come!” Someone must be around to tell the two of them this is stupid? Please? Someone? Anyone? Check out the photos in the gallery and tell us if you think it’s as ridiculous as we do. What a world.