Snooki Gets The Nah-Nah From Jersey City Wine Store

Jwoww Gets Kinky
The 'Jersey Shore' gets raunchy for the cameras.
Thanks, but no thanks is what a Jersey City wine store is telling Snooki.  The liquor store, located next to the meatball’s apartment she’ll share with Jersey Shore spin-off co-star Jwoww, told TMZ that they want no part of the show and the message it sends.

“The only thing they are good for is ridicule and amusement,” the store’s general manager told the site.  “There is no upside business wise, and the potential downside is God knows what. Why feed the embarrassment?”

Amen, brosef.

Items were moved into the apartment yesterday across the Hudson River from New York City.  Hoboken, located next to Jersey City, rejected a filming permit for the same reasons the wine store won’t sell to Snooki.