Snooki Gets A Sandwich Named After Her, Still Super Pregnant [PHOTOS]

Snooki Pushes Beer Baby
That's seriously a stroller full of beer. What the f*ck?!
Snooki will be showing up to Atlantic CIty at the opening of the Earl of Sandwich restaurant on July 25th. She’ll not only be signing copies to her third (seriously?) novel, Gorilla Beach, but she’ll be also be crowned with a sandwich in her honor. Classyyyy.

The pregnant guidette also made an appearance at The Today Show, making a quick wardrobe change from a bizarre poncho… thing, to a more form-fitting short black dress. That can’t possibly be a maternity dress! I’m kind of surprised that she’s not bigger since she’s seven months and she’s, like, tiny. Maybe she’ll chow down on her self-titled sandwich and blow up in the last couple months? Get on that, Snooki!